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When will Sturgeon Resign?

In any other organisation, there would be resignations already, but because this is government, those at the top are able to sidestep and brush under the carpet any fiasco that comes their way. Maybe Sturgeon lied, maybe she did not, but the fact that she has let it get to the stage it has is not only an embarrassment to her self, the SNP and the Scottish Government, it is an embarrassment to Scotland. In a corporate establishment, the boss would already have handed in their resignation, it's time for Nicola to do the honorable thing and stand down.

I used to be a fan of both Nicola and Alex, both had the interest of the Scottish people at their hearts. Whilst Alex Salmonds actions towards women, may by some peoples opinions have been sleazy, there is a big difference between being sleazy and sexually assualting someone, Alex Salmond was cleared of the latter. The fact that he has allowed himself to get into the position of being dragged through the courts on these charges brought into disrepute his professionalism, will have, for many, lowered their respect for him.

Leslie Evans, permanent secratery to the Scottish Government, stated 'we may have lost the battle, but we will win the war', after losing a legal challenge brought by Alex Salmond on the handling of the sexual harassment case. The Scottish Government, in an effort to ensure that evidence was not disclosed to the public, decided to concede the case, resulting in Salmond being awarded £512'000. Well Ms Leslie, I'm not sure which war you referred to, but the Scottish Goverment has well and truly lost the enquiry war and it's time for some resignations at Holyrood. If Ms Leslie, is indeed referring to the enquiry, as a war, history will tell you, that there are no winners in war, and in choosing to go to war, be it with the enquiry, or Alex Salmond, then you had already lost before things had even started.

All parties involved, the women who claimed sexual harrassment, Alex Salmond, all deserved fair treatment, they deserved a proper investigation and a proper handling into the situation, the Scottish Goverment failed, it showed its procedures were either not followed, or not fit for purpose, which begs the question is the Goverment fit for purpose, are we running towards some kind of Banana Republic. Looking on the SNP Facebook page, their diehard supporters shout out, look at the corruption in Westminster. It's an absolute embarrassment, that just because in their opinion, Matt Hancock, Boris Johnson and their cronies are corrupt, it means that Scotland can be corrupt, or it doesn't matter, so long as we are doing just that little bit better than England... No, it does matter, it matters for the sake of future generations, that Scotland leads the way, sets an example... And right now, under Nicola Sturgeons SNP, that is not happening.

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