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  • The Choice


With COVID-19 sending the economy into freefall, Brexit negotiations which seemed to have stalled and the SNP's Indy ref two knocking on Boris door at No.10, the United Kingdom is at a political crossroad, I decided to write this blog to provide an opinion on all topics covering the UK today. I am not affiliated to any party, I voted for Scottish Independance in 2014, voted for Brexit in 2016 and have voted for three different parties at some stage in my life, right now, I am of the opinion that none of the main political parties are worthy of my vote, the SNP seem to be willing to go to any measuer to achieve independance, Labour have lost touch with their electorate and the Tories are borderline fraudulant in the way they have handled Brexit and COVID-19. So where do we go from here, who do we vote for in a country where all political parties seem to be self serving.

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