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Led by the science

Slogans repeated over and over again and again coercing a population in to believing whatever our governments tell us, all exacerbated by a media which is more interested in creating the news than reporting it. Here I question one of the main slogans throught the pandemic, just what science was our governemts looking at and why the change of hearts.. It has been revealed that the SAGE group of advisors got some of their information on from Wikipedia, and that not a single member of the SAGE advisors was an expert on human coronavirus.

On the 3rd of April professor Jason Leitch made an interview with BBC good morning Scotland where he stated, there is no evidence that masks should be worn by the general population to protect them from the coronavirus."The global evidence -and we've looked properly I promise you - is masks in the general population don't work," Masks were made mandetory on 10th July

On 12th of March Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson state that in their view while cancelling mass gatherings does not have a significant impact on reducing the spread of the virus, such events tie up resources which could be used elsewhere.... If it is just about resources, then why are mass gatherings still banned, where is the science which told her that mass gatherings do not have a significant impact?

Which part of the science said that it was safe to send our elderly some of whom had been untested, back to care homes from hospital, is our NHS or our government responsible for the manslaughter which went on inside our care home.

Which part of the science said that it would be safe to engourage a eatout to helpout programme which cost the tax payer millions, all parties are complicit to this ridiculous act in the middle of a pandemic which ultimately facilitated the spread of the virus.

Science tells us that the UK has the highest heart disease mortality rate in Europe, Scotland has the highest number of drug related deaths in Europe, the UK's wealthe divide is growing faster than ever before. The NHS backlog has stretched to unprecedented levels, routine checks were halted meaning potential cancers went by unnoticed, it's still impossible to get a dental checkup due to the burden placed on dental practices. The UK is heading to a health crises the likes never seen before.

The science tells us that it's safe to keep McDonalds, KFC, etc open and gyms are a hazard to the people. It's safe to fill an aircraft with 300+ people, yet you can only allow 30 at a funeral or wedding. Even during the lockdown were aircraft allowed full. The science told the government to make sure business were covid prepared and then closed closed them for a second lockdown, even though it's most likely the spread is during household transmission.

I am no scientist, I will never claim to be one, but I do have common sense and expereince, both have told me that once a virus is into the open, it is virtually impossible to stop the spread, very few countries have achieved this, yet as the 5th biggest economy, why were we so unprepared. We have the flu come round on an annual basis, it's almost impossible to avoid a cold/flu, the UK could have spent that 300 billion implementing a system to protect those who needed it, creating support packages for the vulnerable, it could have created jobs, giving jobs to more carers who would check and support the vulnerable, instead, they decided to give it to their pals on useless track and trace schemes, consultants and other dubious contracts.

Even to this day the SNP are spouting the same follow the science crap below, where is the science which shows us the long term physical, economical and psychological of the economic devistation which is to follow. In April and August, I raised my concerns to the Scottish Government re the economic impact that this lockdown would happen, whilst I very much agree that lives take priority over the economy, trashing the economy to the extent the UK has done, will have a deep and profound effect on our health, and that of our future generations.

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