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A Covid Enquiry is Necessary

China has over 90% vaccination rates, yet they are still following a zero covid strategy, a strategy which is doomed to fail. Yet for a time it was what seemed to be the aim of the government in the UK. Early on I knew this would never be achievable and that a lot of the draconian measures were counter productive.

On 22 November 2020, I created a post on how the lockdowns and global restrictions would bring about the next recession. To me, shutting down the UK economy for two years, and spending 400 billion was always going to go one way. Businesses were shut which meant that whilst this spending bonanza was ongoing, the government wasn't getting tax receipts. Now let that be lesson 101 on how to bankrupt a country. Here's the link to that post: I remember lockdown lovers and furlough enthusiasts posting pictures like this when concerns about the economic damage were raised:

With regards to the actions taken by government, the likes of Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon constantly told us that we were in unprecedented times, yet this was not the first pandemic the UK has suffered and it won't be the last. In fact, the government had guidelines on how to deal with a pandemic, nowhere was lockdown mentioned, the guidelines went out the window and the government went down their own track.

So how did I know that zero covid was nonsense? Covid aparently came from a bat, early on in the pandemic, zoo animals and pets were testing, to eradicate covid, we'd need a vaccine which was effective for a prolonged period and we'd have to vaccinate the entire world and ALL animals which could transmite to humans and vice versa. This would need to be done in a the time period which that vaccine was effective. I was scepticle about the vaccine from the onset too. They have been working on the flu jab for over 100 years, and that is only 60% effective at best. For them to suddenly develop a vaccine which is even more effective, I call bullshit. Yes, influenza and sars-cov are different, but I'd argue that covid is just as difficult to deal with, if not more considering that SARS was only discovered in 2003.

Why did they target everyone and not just the vulnerable, before the UK had decided to take the measures it took, Italy was bearing the brunt, the BBC were constantly showing clips from inside Italian hospitals, clips like this, there were also clips like this: It was clear from the onset that covid was prodominently a threat to the elderly and obese. Yet the government took the unforgiveable and unbelieveable action of ordering do not resussitate instruction to doctors for elderly. They also instructed hospitals to move elderly from hospitals to care homes, this was done without testing for covid. An action which which was costly in terms of lives lost. Sweden did the same thing which was why they had a large number of care home deaths. The DNR and moving elderly to care homes were done to free up hospital beds, meanwhilst government had nightingale hospitals built when when they knew they didn't have the nurses and doctors to deal with.

As part of my employment as an officer on ship, I've had to travel all over the world, this has meant taking a range of vaccines, yellow fever, tetanus, hepatitus. I'm not anti vax. I never will be. Nothing has done more to help the anti vaccine establishment, by that I mean those that were out on the streets protesting vaccines before covid (mostly in the US), than the actions taken by government, things like vaccine passports, discriminating the unvaccinated, one rule for vaxxed and another for unvaxxed. Things like government misinformation about protecting granny if you get the jab, it was clear from very early on that the vaccinated could still catch and transmit the virus. If there was any efficacy against transmission, it was short lived, and still today we see governments discriminating against those who choose to remain unvaccinated. For me it was about two things, I'd caught covid pretty much straight away due to my job in travel. Up until 2020/2021, natural immunity seemed to be a thing. I wasn't worried about covid. By the time the vaccine was being distrubuted, I'd had covid again. Then there was the risk/ reward, in the shipping/ oil and gas business, we have to risk assess everything. I decided that the risk of taking the vaccine wasn't worth it considering I'd had covid a couple of times, I had a good feeling it wouldn't stop transmission, so I felt I wouldn't be putting my colleagues at risk by not taking it. Then there was the compensation if things went wrong with the vaccine, £120'000, a figure that wouldn't cover two years salary. I thought definately not worth the risk. Now with it coming to light that those who have been injured and the families of those killed by the vaccine being abandoned, I'm glad I have resisted.

And there was the mask debate, nothing more than a show of control by government in my opinion, I like to think of myself as pragmatic. Here's a video of forest firefighters in the US Notice they're not wearing masks. Why not, if the face masks can stop covid, of which particles are smaller than that of smoke, then they should be able to stop the forest fire fighters from the negative effects of smoke inhalation. But they don't wear them, they don't stop smoke particles and they don't stop covid particles. Combine that with the point that people touch the masks, touch their face, put them in their pockets, etc renders them useless. Here's a size chart for reference:

A thorough enquiry must be held into the actions taken, lessons must be learnt, those responsible for decisions which cost lives must be held accountable. This will not be forgotton, the mistakes made must be put into the history books and never to be repeated. Media must never be allowed to instigate the enaction of the draconion measures the likes of which are still being practiced in China.

In future analysis must be done prior to any actions being taken. When talking about lockdowns and restrictions, the science shouldn't just involve epidemiology, it must envolve socio-economic science also. The health damage and economic damage from lockdowns may well be more far reaching than the health damage caused by covid. The poverty which is ensuing us now could cost more lives in the long term than the lives lost due to covid. The NHS waiting lists and those who will miss a diagnosis must be accounted for. The lost trust in vaccines and government will be far reaching, uptake has never been achieved through coercion, any psychologist worth listening to would be able to tell you that coercion is the worst way to achieve uptake. Medical autonomy and informed concent must always take precedence, those who were responsible for forcing the likes of millitary staff to take the vaccine and threatening to sack healthcare workers must be held responsible for these injustices and borderline breaches of human rights. The argument of one persons right to not catch a virus from an unvaccinated person is null and void when such a vaccine caries risks of it own, particularly when it's well established that it doesn't stop transmission.

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