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Defund the BBC

The BBC used to be a media institution the United Kingdom could be proud of, but that was a long long time ago, now it is a government propaganda machine pushing an ultra left wing agenda that has lost touch with the reality of the people who fund it... Many believe it's time has come to an end and that it should be defunded, the licence fee should be abolished and it should be forced to survive the same way other media channels have to, through subsctiption and advertisements.

The BBC has run on it's reputation of being a trusted and reliable source for impartial and unbiased news for too long, this is no longer the case and the BBC, now a propaganda machine spouting out it's far left bias on a daily basis, for me this loss of trust started when BBC Scotland abused their position on numerous occasions during the Scottish referendum, it's ratings on how much the people of Scotland trusted it fell to an all time low of 7 out of 10 and has not recovered since. Some of the examples of it's abuse of power can be seen in the following link:

During the EU referendum, the bias towards remain was also a blatent abuse of trust, Laura Kuenssbergs cringe worthy bias was unwatchable at times, she later stated after the referendum that 'I don't think I called it, but it didn't surprise me...' Well Laura, your job isn't to call it, but to report it, and report it without any bias towards a particular side... Which you and your colleagues failed miserably with..

More recently with the COVID, the governments fear campaign has been propelled by the BBC with it's propaganda machine reporting the daily number of cases and deaths, not mentioning that 70% of deaths are people aged over 75 or that deaths for people under 45 represent less than 1% of deaths, figures taken from the ONS. When it comes to the BBC news project COVID fear campaign, almost every time they get into a COVID ward, it's full of morbidly obese coffin dodgers with underlying health issues, the fear campaign worked in their Scottish referendum tactics, and it worked in this COVID project. Here is a few articles which have concerned me When Russia and China were quick to produce a vaccine, the BBC ran the headline 'dirty tricks and corner cutting', stating in the article that producing a vaccine so quickly could provide fuel for anti vaxers.

When the Western world produced various vaccines not long after, it's down to a more efficient process and massive funding boost... Not dirty tricks or corner cutting?

More worrying is the ridiculous vaccine campaign regarding the Oxford/ Astrazeneca vaccine. Oxford trials paused, no mention of cause, Sir Jeremy Farrar states that transparancy is key to public trust. WHO states it doesn't expect a vaccine to be approved before the end of the year due to the time it takes to test them safely. Oxford trials continue after pause, mention of possible transverse myelitis as reported in the New York Times, no follow up by the BBC to Oxford or Astrazeneca. Article on who decides if vaccines are safe, mention of the Oxford trial volunteer death in Brazil, after investigation, it found he had taken the placebo. No mention of the British volunteer who possibly suffered Transverse Myelitis and sustained spinal damage.

During a Six PM news bulletin, Health Correspondant, Cathrine Burns stated that the Oxford vaccine had been given to thousands of volunteers without incident, no mention of the volunteer who suffered injuries after taking the vaccine. Oxford vaccine - regulator asked for approval, no comments made on any issues. If the government wants me to take this vaccine, then they should provide transparancy on the details of the UK volunteer who fell ill. The BBC on this last article removed my comment which asked them why they had not followed this up... It appears to be a cover up of potential failings by Astrazeneca.

Now lets move to the money, and the fact that the wage bill for this publicly funded propaganda machine comes to over a billion pounds, there are over 60 senior executive staff who earn £150'000 or more, by comparison, the UK prime ministers salary is £150'000. Just remember at the same time that this lot of weasels are patting themselves on the back and giving themselves pay rises whilst spewing out government propaganda about not killing your granny with COVID, they're also taking away her free TV license if she's over 75. The BBC has faced harsh criticism for overstaffing in the past, sending over 250 staff to cover the Glastonbury festival, sending hundreds to cover the US presedential elections, Football World Cup and Olympic Games. In 2017 a whistleblower leaked these photos of staff in the office... This is where you're license money is going.

You can view just how much this parasite of an organisation pays its staff here:

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