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Cummings and Goings

Whilst the cost of living covid crises pushes the UK towards the brink of recession. Tory politcians have decided to plunge the UK into further crises by trying to oust the Prime Minister in a bid to further their own careers. Whilst the media make it look like the Prime Minister is being rebelled against for his failings, considering what has been said and done it's hard to believe that this is nothing more than politcians trying to propel themselves further up their own career ladder.

Take Nadhim Zahawi for example, who told the PM that unless he was offered the job of Chancellor he would be resigning, then later advised the PM that it would be best if quit. There is then all the other senior MP's many of whom have openly said they would contest a leadership bid. MP's don't quit out of the goodness of their hearts or because they want what's best for the people they represent. They quit when they've either disgraced themselves, or where they see opportunity.

But is this really the work of a few MP's or is the man who masterminded the rise to the top for Boris, now responsible for his potential downfall? This article from FT in January explains in detail the cunnings of Dominic Cummings. In almost all of Boris errors of judgement, Dominic has been there to backup the allegations, whether it be Partygate, Chris Pincher or COVID policy failings. Dominic in the eyes of the BBC went from Brexit villain to the hero who will bring down Boris. He has not tried to hide his contempt towards the PM on twitter there is a constant stream of jibes and leaks towards Boris incompetance of which the BBC has quoted on numerous occasions.

So should Dominic succeed, my bet would be on him returning as a government advisor working with either Gove or Sunak. He's worked with Gove in the past, and he orchestrated Sunaks move into becomming Chancellor. Many have underestimated Dominics role in the past, including Boris.

Artistic Credit: Bob Moran

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