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Boris and the Brexit backtrack

As the end of the year draws closer and the Brexit negotiations drag on, is Boris actually negotiating/ delivering what the people voted for? The Remainer argument for another referendum is that those who voted for Brexit didn't actually know what they were voting for... 'Out is out' it's pretty clear to me what we voted for, Jean Claude Juncker in his speach the day before the referendum could not have made it any clearer what those who vote leave would be voting for... The government propoganda machine, BBCNews, in their very first paragraph of this article even quoted 'The UK will not be able to return to the negotiating table if it votes to leave the European Union'.

And here we are, more than 4 years on, Boris and his oven ready deal which nobody wanted except him and his cronies. Leave meant leave, it's what the people wanted, it's what the people voted for, if Boris wanted a deal, he should have left and negotiated it from the outside, then held a referendum for the people to vote on it. As David Cameron said before the referendum, we will not get a better deal than the one we already have, so why is Boris and the Conservatives holding the UK in a political no mans land causing economic worry and hardship for business. Whilst Boris and the Conservatives are in charge of the government now, the blame on this debacle also hangs on the shoulders of Labour who constantly voted against government, held them back and put every possible political stop in the way, instead of working with the Tories to ensure the UK left the EU as the people voted for, ensuring that we went through another general election only to get completely destroyed at the polls.

Why nothing will change after Brexit and the UK has lost an opportunity, the Remain argument is that Brexit was won on lies, the Brexit bus with the £350 million a week, the constant immigration argument, whilst this won over some voters. Most people wanted a change in direction, the vote against the EU was like sticking the middle digit up towards the powers that be, the EU project of globalisation is leading to mass unemployment, the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer. Not much has changed since then, and even in a new election, Labour are just Tories in red, just as much as Warlord Blairs government was.

For me, the argument for Brexit wasn't the immigration argument, migration from the EU is actually relatively small compared to migration to the UK from outside the EU, although there is an argument of why should EU national get a free pass over other nationals who may well be more qualified. It wasn't the Brexit bus, and probably not for most other people who voted to leave too. When supposedly democratic institution such as the EU stops listening to it's people, it ceases to be a democratic institution, it becomes a political monster which answers only to the elite who sympathise with their globalist agenda. Unelected EU president at the time Jean Claude Juncker told the UK that there would be no changes to the negotiations at the time before the referendum. Reform has been long overdue at the EU, a Common Agrigultural Policy which seen that the largest, often hereditary land owners and the big agribusinesses were looked after whilst the small farmer, the ones it purported to help received a pittance.

Or lets look at the Common Fisheries Policy which destroyed the coastal towns of the UK and plundered the UK's fishing stocks to the lowest ever on record. Then there is the various regulations which some countries implement more than others. The EU's one size fits all doesn't work for the UK, and it restricts our growth, just look at the recent difficulties that Bi-Fab the wind farm engineering firm is having in Scotland, the Scottish Government states it cannot support them due to EU regulations, this is just one in many many examples, then there is the waste which goes into useless projects, such as the EU banana law which stipulates the shape a banana must be.

The globalist monster runs at a huge cost, MEP's receiving a higher income than MP's, an MEP salary stands at £95'000 plus expenses, compare that to the UK MP salary of £85'000, or Polish is £30,000, you can view the 2017 monthly MP's salaries from various countries here: Only 3 countries pay their MP's more than an MEP. Then there is the unelected President of the EU commission, most people probably don't know his/ her name or what they do, yet he/she is paid more than the British Prime Minsister... Or President of the USA for that matter. There are also 5 vice presidents and 27 commisioners on a salary higher than the prime minster. The fact is the EU has become much much more than what the UK entered into in the 1970's, it has taken more and more power and continues to try to become more powerful... It's time that soveriegnty was brought home and we start a new chapter in the UK.

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