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Backstabbing Thieves

In any other industry, promotion is aquired on the back of success, results, competence, trust, etc.

Now, compare this to what we see in government over the last decade and a half. By all parties, Labour, SNP, Tories, etc. It used to be that parties were elected by what they could do for others, now they are elected on the failure of others. The Tories/Lib Dems created the ConDem coalition which came into power on the back of economic failure from Labour.

Labour will now come into power on the back of Tory failure. Where have Labour been for the last decade, they have offered no alternative solutions, more recently this earned Keir Starmer the nickname of Captain Hindsight. They have done nothing to prove themselves competent. The only thing they offer is that they may be marginally better than the steaming pile of horse shit that we have running the country now. What solutions have they offered to get us out of the economic turmoil we now face. An economic turmoil which they partly caused, they were on par with the Tories when it came to COVID, they didn't know where they sat when it came to Brexit. They don't know how to deal with the Scottish Independence. They have no ideas on the NHS. I suspect that they will fall back to the idea of spend, spend, spend. Deepening our overspending crisis.

Meanwhilst the Tories have been stabbing eachother in the back for their own career advancement. Those at the top have been profiteering of failure. Shorting the pound to make billions. Dodgy deals during covid going to friends and family. The level of corruption from the Tories is like nothing history has ever seen. Liz Truss was quickly bullied into giving those who opposed her within her own party positions of political power, this included Hunt and Shapps, both allies of Sunak.

We have a political system where those who rise to the top do it by tearing eachother apart and sowing seeds of division amongst themselves rather than succeeding through competence. Boris back stabbed May, Sajid and Sunak backstabbed Boris, and now the failed established MPs of the past are doing what they can to bring down Truss. In the Labour party Corybn was brough down by internal division. Now we have the damp rag, Captain Hindsight Keir in charge of Labour, a man who can't define what a women is and sits on the fence with most decisions.

This political division has spread into society and torn it apart. This is what the politicians want, they feed off it, they push their own agendas to further their own political ambitions. Until we move to a system where politicians further their careers by proving what they can do for the people than what they can "do better" than their opposition, we shall always be held back.

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