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A Conspiracy Theory?

Half a million protest on the streets of London, a thousand in Glasgow, and the BBC mentions nothing, infact, a protest for land access rights which garnered only 40 people was even held in higher regard than the BBC.

What's more dangerous... A conspiricy theory, or ignoring that a conspirocy theory exists? What's more dangerous, acknowledging peoples concerns and questions about government behaviour or calling everyone who questions what's going on in the world a conspiracy theorist?

For the record, I believe there is a global pandemic, I believe that for some people Coronavirus is deadly, however, I also believe that there has been a great over reaction, and a gross misconduct by the government and the BBC in the UK over this.

When Neil Ferguson created his model and said 400,000 people would die in the UK if we did nothing, did he question how many would die from the 5 year NHS backlog, did he question how many would die as a result of being thrown into poverty, how many would die as a result of suicide, how many would die as a result of being locked at home and living idle lifestyles whilst we wait for a virus to pass?

The Government said that the lockdown was to ease the burden on the NHS, now that the elderly and vulnerable have been vaccinated, what excuse is there for continuing the restrictions?

Back when the BBC reported on the various vaccines and said that the Astrazeneca vaccine had been properly tested, there was no mentions of the two deaths in the testing, I tweeted the article author, who then wrote an article stating that all vaccines have risks, there was no mention of blood clots back then, yet now it's an issue, what else do we not know about these vaccines?

The BBC states that the risks of Covid are greater than the risks from the vaccine, how do they know this? Someone who is young and healthy will easily overcome the effects of COVID, so why force a vaccine on them if they don't need it, we don't know the long term effects of the vaccine, because the vaccine hasn't been around long enough.

Then there is the Governments mishandling, sending elderly back to care homes with COVID to die, to pass on the disease to other elderly and also put our care workers at risk. Yet not a single prosecution has come out against this crime against humanity, it's a crime to knowingly leave your home with COVID, yet not a crime to send a covid patient back to the care home to infect others??

COVID has shon a light on the inequalities in the UK, travellers punished with £1750 hotel quarantines, why is a negative test not enough... Or do the tests not work?? A fee only the rich can afford, £10,000 fines for breaking covid rules, again, something only the rich can afford, take Dua Lipas house parties for example. Multiple cases of government ministers breaking rules, yet nothing done.

The BBC didn't report the protests because they didn't want to give light to conspiracy theorists, so by doing that, they are branding everyone who went to the protest a conspiracy theorist, just in the same way that they branded everyone who voted for Brexit a UKIP loving fascist, they are truly missing the point and only adding fuel to the fire which is ripping the UK apart.

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